Coffee and Clothing is a shop in Toronto’s East End with coffee freshly roasted in-house and secondhand clothing curated and sourced from all over the world.

Zoe and Gabby run the coffee side of things.

Matt and Jen run the clothing side of things.

We’re a family-run biz who appreciates good quality things, and making and finding you good quality things makes us happy.

Thanks for your support—we’re so glad to be here.

Today we live in a world of fast fashion that uses up enormous amounts of water to produce low quality products and contributes to increasing landfill waste. In an attempt to help lessen the damaging impacts of mass production and consumerism, our little shop seeks to mediate some of these challenges through the reuse and recycling of quality materials and pieces. Through respect and care for our environment, we also seek to empower our customers by providing them with pieces that not only create a unique and timeless style, but also positively contribute to our environmental health worldwide.

Quality is everything, from the coffee you choose to drink to the clothes that define your personal style. We want to create a sense of appreciation in our community for well-made, eco-conscious products in a space with a friendly, small-town feel. Everyone is welcome!