Behind the Scenes and More

  • Behind the Scenes | Capoeira Angola Toronto

    Take a look behind the scenes of our latest short film featuring Capoeira Angola Toronto.
  • Behind the Scenes | Mutsumi

    We're digging a little deeper and getting to know our friends better—their inspirations and why they do what they do.

    Take a look behind the scenes of our latest short film feature about mender and maker, Mutsumi.

  • Behind the Scenes | Halloween 2021

    We put some Halloween outfits together, drove out to an old cemetery and a small city farm, and had ourselves a little shoot. Here's a bit of behin...
  • A Vintage Collectible: The History Behind FFA Jackets

    via shopffaIn the vintage collectors' world, there are certain pieces that stand out from the rest. Such is the case with FFA jackets—a national bl...
  • The History of Rayon

    Within the textile industry, the difference between natural and synthetic fibres is easy enough to understand: one category is directly derived fr...
  • Summer 2021 II

    Photography: Ryan Ohare | Models: Savannah Ondego and Leslie Zani | Styling: Coffee and Clothing
  • Warm Spring 2021

    Photographer: Lewis Lamey | Model: Lorianne | Styling: Coffee and Clothing
  • Summer 2021

    A "Friends" tribute and some summer looks.Photographer: Ryan Ohare | Model: Winnie Lee | Styling: Coffee and Clothing
  • Behind the Scenes | Pat, Will, and Mac

    Behind the scenes on the third of our film series.

    Meet Pat, Will, and Mac.
  • The French Chore Jacket

    It’s no secret—we love this thing. It’s versatile, looks cool, and has a rich history. Its French name, bleu de travail, translates to “working bl...
  • The OG-107 Trouser

    As one of the most iconic pieces in U.S. military history, army fatigue trousers are often imitated and reproduced. 
  • Behind the Scenes | Tasha + Xavier

    Behind the scenes on the first of our film series about friends of the shop.

    Meet Tasha and Xavier.