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Our Team

Zoe and Gabby.
Co-owners. Coffee.

Before moving to Toronto in early 2018, Zoe and Gabby had been working in South Korea teaching children and traveling through Asia for two years. That experience changed their lives forever and they decided that when they came to Toronto, it was important for them to be involved in the service industry because of the compassion and kindness shown to them while living abroad.

Living in a small town in Korea, it felt isolating to be separate from the community they were in. It wasn't until they found a safe haven in their local coffee shop, where they were greeted with smiles and bows, that they finally felt at home. They couldn't speak each other's languages, but it was through the act of service that they formed a meaningful relationship. Zoe and Gabby's hope is to pay that kindness forward to their customers here in Toronto.

Their passion for roasting coffee developed when they were traveling in Indonesia and noticed how almost every coffee shop they visited was roasting their own coffee. They really appreciated that personal touch. Zoe got to talking with a local man there who was kind enough to teach him how to roast coffee beans. He took this new-found passion back with him to Canada and started roasting his own beans at home with the goal in mind to open his own coffee truck or cafe.

Matt and Jen.
Co-owners. Clothing.

Matt and Jen met while living in San Francisco, and later moved to Oakland, where they both worked in the retail industry at the store and corporate levels—they've now got over 35 years of retail experience between them! Their love for fashion and design is not only fueled by the places they’ve traveled to and lived, but by the creative work and people that surrounded them throughout their careers. They've both always been thrifters and vintage lovers, frequenting local estate sales, working vintage markets, and shopping through secondhand shops in search of unique and timeless pieces for their own collections. Owning a shop of their own to share their love and appreciation for vintage clothing and its history has always been their dream.

Matt and Jen hope to bring a bit of that relaxed California feel to Toronto, and aim to curate a shop of timeless pieces for your collection of "go-to” staple pieces that surpass the seasons' trends and characterize your personal style.