Become a Sponsor for Hogtown Flea

Thank you so much for your interest in joining in and sponsoring our market. We appreciate your support!

We see a lot of potential in the flea as a place for connecting and supporting small businesses and creatives, with sustainability at the core, and we're looking for local businesses who share this mindset and want to partner with us to help promote community sellers, artists, and small businesses in the GTA—all while listening to good music, eating good food, and hanging out with good people!

Since starting Hogtown in June 2023, we've seen an average of 1,000 visitors each month, and as people continue to learn about the flea, we expect an even bigger turnout this year.

We plan to continue to drive this growth through social media and old school guerilla marketing—flyering and word of mouth. We're grateful that our community and online presence as both Coffee and Clothing and Hogtown Flea continues to thrive—17k followers on our shop's account and 6k on our flea's—and as a sponsor of Hogtown Flea, you'll be a part of that growth and bringing this event to the community in support of local businesses and creatives.

Please reach out to to get in touch and for more details about partnering with us.