Mending Services

1. Purchase quality item.
2. Wear it down.
3. Mend.
4. Mend.
...and mend some more.

We're big believers in taking care of your clothing and bringing them back to life as you wear them. You'll buy less, waste less, and keep those special pieces close to you for a lifetime.

With a focus on sustainability, we're happy to offer mending and repair services.

If you have clothing at home in need of some care, get in touch with us at or drop it off at 841 Gerrard St. East.

Turnaround time:
 at least 1 week.
Items are sent to our mender every Wednesday at 3pm and picked up the following Wednesday. There may be a chance your item may take longer.

Rate: We charge $25 per hour—total is dependent on work needed.

Let's speak about how we can bring new life into your pieces.

*For health and safety, we require all clothing to be freshly washed before handing it off to us. Thank you!